Ash (BK III)
Japanese Name Ash
Age 30s-40s
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Job/Occupation Higher-ranking member of Neo-Chaos
Hobbies Fashion
Special Skills Unknown
Fighting Style Wrestling

Ash is a flamboyant homosexual character, with a very feminine run and a little 'laugh' taunt. He is a mid-boss and secret playable character found only in Bare Knuckle III.

Official BiosEdit

Bare Knuckle IIIEdit

Higher-ranking member of Neo-Chaos. Ash has a complex personality, but should someone anger him, he'll go at his opponent until they're dead.
Bk3 ash

Ash in Bare Knuckle III

Enemy InformationEdit

Ash is a higher member of Neo-Chaos with limited but powerful moves. His moves do more even more damage as he gets closer to his defeat.

Methods of UnlockingEdit

(Only In Bare Knuckle 3) Immediately After Defeating him, Keep Pressing The Button [A] Until You Move To The Next Scene, After That You Can Select him As A Playable Character After Losing A Continue.

Move ListEdit

  • Slap
  • Back Throw/Release German Suplex
  • Front Slam/Power Bomb

Game AppearancesEdit

Mega Drive / GenesisEdit


  • He was cut out of the PAL and US versions of the game due to being portrayed as a (at the time) stereotypical homosexual. Despite this, is is possible to use cheat devices and unlock him and the sound options still feature his laugh and battle theme.
  • In the US and PAL versions, due to Ash being cut, Shiva pilots the boat on the docks.
  • Ash's playable attire is a different palette than the enemy version, with Red and Blue replacing the Purple and Green clothing, and a darker skin tone than the enemy version. The enemy palette cannot be used while playing as Ash.
  • A "secret" palette can be used, if Ash is hacked into Battle mode. In reality, it is just Axel's second player palette applied to Ash, giving him an Orange/Dark Green attire.
  • Artwork of Ash has a golden Eagle design on his cap. Ingame however, due to size limitations, it only appears as a yellow circle.
  • The necklace Ash wears is derived from the symbol of Venus, and is the symbol for a female organism or woman.
  • Despite being unlockable in Bare Knuckle III, Ash does not have a player portrait (like Victy does), nor does he has a complete moveset (again, like Victy). What moveset he does have seems to have been quickly slapped together, and does an abnormally large amount of damage.
  • In one early beta shot, Ash appeared in the Stage 4 Subway area, potentially as a mid-boss.
  • Ash ignores the tradition of mid-bosses returning as semi-common enemies (like Electra or Jack), as he never reappears after defeated. This is odd considering the manual states he is a high-ranking member of Neo-Chaos.
  • It is humourously stated that Ash's player palette is a direct jab at Nintendo's Mario character, due to the Red/Blue color scheme and similar appearance (at least face/hat-wise).[citation needed]