Ash (BK III)
Japanese Name Ash
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Job/Occupation Higher-ranking member of Neo-Chaos
Hobbies Unknown
Special Skills Unknown
Fighting Style Wrestling

Ash is a very stereotypical homosexual character, with a very feminine run, a little 'laugh' taunt and tons of female mannerisms. He is a mid-boss and secret playable character found only in Bare Knuckle III.

Official Bios Edit

Bare Knuckle IIIEdit

Higher-ranking member of Neo-Chaos. Ash has a complex personality, but if someone makes him angry, he'll go at his opponent until they're dead.
Bk3 ash

Ash in Bare Knuckle III

Enemy InformationEdit

Ash is a higher member of Neo-Chaos with limited but powerful moves. His moves do more damage the closer he is to defeat.

Methods of UnlockingEdit

Move ListEdit

  • Slap
  • Back Throw/Release German Suplex
  • Front Slam/Power Bomb


Game AppearancesEdit

Mega Drive / GenesisEdit


  • He was cut out of the PAL and US versions of the game due to being portrayed as a (at the time) stereotypical homosexual. Despite this, is is possible to use cheat devices and unlock him and the sound options still feature his laugh and battle theme.
  • In the US and PAL versions, due to Ash being cut, Shiva pilots the boat on the docks.
  • Ash's playable attire is a different palette than the enemy version, with Red and Blue replacing the Purple and Green clothing, and a darker skin tone than the enemy version. The enemy palette cannot be used while playing as Ash.
  • A "secret" palette can be used, if Ash is hacked into Battle mode. In reality, it is just Axel's second player palette applied to Ash, giving him an Orange/Dark Green attire.
  • Artwork of Ash has a golden Eagle design on his cap. Ingame however, due to size limitations, it only appears as a yellow circle.
  • The necklace Ash wears is derived from the symbol of Venus, and is the symbol for a female organism or woman.
  • Despite being unlockable in Bare Knuckle III, Ash does not have a player portrait (like Victy does), nor does he has a complete moveset (again, like Victy). What moveset he does have seems to have been quickly slapped together, and does a abnormally large amount of damage.
  • In one early beta shot, Ash appeared in the Stage 4 Subway area, potentially as a mid-boss.
  • Ash ignores the tradition of mid-bosses returning as semi-common enemies (like Electra or Jack), as he never reappears after defeated. This is odd considering the manual states he is a high-ranking member of Neo-Chaos.
  • It is humourously stated that Ash's player palette is a direct jab at Nintendo's Mario character, due to the Red/Blue color scheme and similar appearance (at least face/hat-wise).[citation needed]

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