Bongo (Streets of Rage)
Japanese Name Bongo
Age Unknown
Height 200cm
Weight 220kg
Job/Occupation Hoodlum of the Syndicate
Hobbies Unknown
Special Skills Breathing Fire
Fighting Style Unknown
Bongo is an immensely fat, bald boss that first appears in the Bridge Under Construction level. He will rush you, while spraying fire.

Official BiosEdit

Bare KnuckleEdit

Height: 200cm
Weight: 220kg
Heritage: Chinese

Bongo rushes towards his opponents while breathing fire from his mouth.Because of his large build, you have to be careful not to lift him or else you will get squashed and lose a chunk of health..
If you attack him carelessly, you're asking to get yourself hurt.

Enemy InformationEdit

Streets of RageEdit

Bongo is the boss of Stage 4. He returns in the sixth stage and again in the eighth and final stage.

Names & PalettesEdit

Sprite Name Color Special Info
Sor1-Bongo Bongo Yellow, Red and Blue Stage 4 Boss
Sor1 Bongo6 Humphrey White, Red and Orange Stage 6 Mid-Boss
Sor1 Bongo8 Big Ben Grafitti-grey, Yellow and Golden Stage 8 Mid-Boss

Game AppearancesEdit

Mega Drive / GenesisEdit

Game Gear AppearancesEdit

Master System AppearancesEdit


  • Bongo's name changed to Big Ben in Streets of Rage 2.
  • In the Bare Knuckle II manual, the character known as Big Ben is called Bongo, despite Big Ben being the first named version you encounter. This continues the trend of the Streets of Rage enemy names being recycled in Streets of Rage 2.
  • Much like the other characters, Bongo has an exclusive palette in the Game Gear version (purple attire instead of yellow)