Electra (Streets of Rage 2)
Japanese Name Electra
Age 29
Height 175cm
Weight Unknown
Job/Occupation Hoodlum of the Syndicate
Hobbies Singing
Special Skills Electricity, Whip attacks, Singing
Fighting Style Unknown

Electra (エレクトラ) first appears in Streets of Rage 2, taking the place of the saucy whip-swinging woman, Nora from the previous game. She is a beautiful woman, who primarily uses electric-whip based attacks, either with an electric wrist mounted whip (replacing a missing hand in Streets of Rage 2) or a handheld whip (Streets of Rage 3).

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Bare Knuckle IIEdit

Enemy informationEdit

Electra is a semi-common enemy who is first encountered in Streets of Rage 2 singing in Barbon's Bar. In Bare Knuckle III Electra becomes much more common, and frequently teamed up with Garnet, the only other non-boss female enemy.

Move listEdit

  • Whip Strike (2,3)
  • Shock Whip (2,3)
  • Flying Kick (2)

Names and palettesEdit

Streets of Rage 2: Electra, Bloody, Caska, Dallala, Eldy, Enola, L.Lisa, Metal.M, Nora, Reine, Sug.Q, Zora

Alternate SOR2 Palette

One of Electra's alternate palettes.

Bare Knuckle III/Streets of Rage 3: Electra, Thundra, Lorena, Gloria

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Sor2 electra whip-anim

Electra in Streets of Rage 2


  • One of her palette names in SOR2 is Nora, the same name as the female whip character from the first Streets of Rage.
  • When first encountered in Barbon's Bar she quickly discards an object. This object(aside from the shawl she wears and discards) is actually her prosthetic hand that covers her whip wrist.
  • Her overall design changed quite abit as well in the Western version of Streets of Rage 3. Sega, deciding her look was too risque, dressed her in a jacket and dress.
  • In the beta version of Bare Knuckle II/Streets of Rage 2, there is a Donovan named "Singer" in place of Electra.