First appearance

Streets of Rage

Previous stage

No information

Next stage

Freight Elevator

Level number


Mid-Boss fight

Bongo, Souther(second in SMS only)

Boss fight

Twins Souther(MD & GG only), Old Man(SMS only), Hara-Kiri(Mobile only)

The Factory is the sixth level of Streets of Rage. The factory contains two particular gimmicks, such as the conveyor belts and crushers which can damage you and enemies. This level also introduces the red Garcias.

Instruction Manual DescriptionEdit

The war moves inside, where industrial machines become a factor!


There are a number of bosses in this level. Firstly, Bongo appears as a mini boss halfway through the level, and at the end, two Southers appear. The bosses are all recycled unless you are playing the master system version, in which the Old Man is the end boss.

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