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Streets of Rage SEGA Genesis Started on Hardest No Continues Played as Blaze Streamed on


Obviously the first game in the series has the least impressive graphics and the least amount of characters and moves. However, there are some things from this game not present in the sequels. For starters, the Police Car Special was in this game only. Another thing is that it is the only game with my favorite version of Blaze. This version of Blaze is different from the ones in Streets of Rage 2 and 3. Most of her moves started out different, and she is wearing the jacket and headband. Also, Adam was only playable in this game, as he was never playable in the sequels. The bottle and pepper shaker weapons were not found in the sequels, and it was not possible to throw any items other than the knife, so the player might have to find another weapon or take a hit in order to drop the weapon they no longer want to carry. Throwing the knife was even different, because pressing Attack Jump doesn't throw items in this game.I think throwing the knife requires you to be far enough from enemies (probably about a distance of half of the screen). The only enemies that show health bars are the bosses at the end of each level. The jumping attacks were different, too. Sometimes in Streets of Rage 2 and 3, jumping kicks with one frame, like Axel's or Skate's sometimes don't hit every enemy right away. That is because they are using one frame. Blaze, on the other hand, had multiple kicking frames in her jumping kick attack, so she hits enemies normally in both sequels. The way Blaze's jumping kick attack worked was how everyone's jumping attack worked in the first Streets of Rage, because it would hit every enemy right away. While we're on the subject of jumping attacks, there was only one jumping attack in the game. There was no Light Jump Attack or Neutral Jump Attack. Last thing I will talk about are the way the characters play. They play mainly the same and have the same commands for the same amount of attacks, but with some changes depending on the character. Such differences include all the characters having different walking speeds, Blaze throwing enemies the farthest, and Adam using his series/combo end attack to knock enemies that got bounced into the air from his third punch into other enemies as they are sent flying. Starting with Streets of Rage 2, characters started to differ more, especially in terms of grabbing attacks, as characters like Max and Skate have different ways to attack, throw, or slam (not that Skate could slam) grabbed enemies. This game had 3 playable characters, but Blaze seems to be the best one because she can throw the farthest and has the most walking speed. Also, her jabs have good range. Her far throws are very good for levels with pits, which is why i try to take advantage of it, of course. She also has good range with baseball bats and pipes. This game had its flaws, being the first one, but it's not a bad game in my opinion.

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