Freight Elevator

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Streets of Rage

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Syndicate Headquarters

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Freight Elevator is a seventh level of Streets of Rage and takes place on an elevator. (Surprise, surprise.) This level is different compared to its brethren. Instead of a sidescrolling levels and a boss at the end, this level takes place on an elevator. The freight elevator stops at different floors as it advances upwards, having to battle waves of common enemies on each floor. Despite this level being different to the others by the fact it scrolls vertically instead of horizontally, you can still call the Police for a special attack. There is a gimmick on this level that allows player(s) to throw enemies to the side over the railings to their death. There is no boss at the end of this level, the players just walk into the building after all the enemies have been beaten.

Instruction Manual DescriptionEdit

Our three warriors of justice are closing in on their objective!


Unlike the other stages, there is no boss for this level. Instead, you have to fight wave-upon-wave of enemies to progress to Round 8.

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