Hakuyo (Streets of Rage)
Japanese Name Hakuyo
Age Unknown
Height 180cm
Weight 69kg
Job/Occupation Hoodlum of the Syndicate
Hobbies Unknown
Special Skills Flying kick
Fighting Style Shaolin Kung-Fu

Hakuyo (meaning "White Hawk") is a chinese enemy fitting the martial arts stereotype, featured in Streets of Rage, and made a return in the Streets of Rage remake Bare Knuckle Mobile. Despite the characters popularity, he was replaced in the sequels by a new Hakuyo, and Tiger respectively.

Official BiosEdit

Bare KnuckleEdit

Height: 180cm
Weight: 69kg
Student of the 4000 year old Chinese art of Shaolin Kung-Fu. Because of his ruthlessness, he became a member of the Syndicate. His trademark moves are his spinning and flying kicks.

Move ListEdit

  • Front Kick
  • Flying Kick
  • Hit Recovery
  • Endless Front Kicks (Black palette only)
  • Attack Formation (Sets up a team of 3 Hakuyos for Front Kicks)

Names & PalettesEdit

Sprite Name Color Special Info
Haku1 Hakuyo Grey/Blue Common variant.
Haku1red Hakuyo Red/Orange More aggressive, can recover from attacks.
Haku1black Hakuyo Black/Red Hardest aggressive version, can kick endlessly if you get too close.

Game AppearancesEdit

Mega Drive / GenesisEdit

Game Gear AppearancesEdit

Master System AppearancesEdit

Mobile AppearancesEdit

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