Onihime and Yasha
Sor3 monalisa
Onihime and Yasha (Bare Knuckle III)
Full Name Onihime


Age Unknown
Gender Female
Race Human
Height 170cm
Weight  ??kg
Job/Occupation Unknown
Hobbies Unknown
Special Skills Double attack, unknown wave attack (single)
Fighting Style Acrobatic Gymnastics

Yasha & Onihime(Mona and Lisa in PAL and US versions of Streets of Rage 3) were twin bosses in Streets of Rage and later they made a new appearance in Streets of Rage 3. These twins of Japanese descent fight with outstanding teamwork.

(Talk about SoR1)

In Streets of Rage 3, they look a lot different from their Streets of Rage 1 counterparts. Yasha/Lisa is the aggressive twin who will always try to jump and kick the player(s). Onihime/Mona is the passive twin who does not try to kick the player(s), unless she is doing the Twin Spin Kick team attack or if Yasha/Lisa is defeated. Onihime/Mona grabs for a throw or suplex, fires grounded projectiles across the room (which is another team attack), throws Yasha/Lisa up high in another team move for Yasha/Lisa to do her Homing Kick. When Yasha/Lisa is defeated, Onihime/Mona gains Yasha's/Lisa's moves.

Fighting StyleEdit

Yasha's forte is her flying kicks, Onihime's is her throwing techniques. As they are both acrobats, the duo will automatically recover from throws, but are still effected by slams. Lightweight and agile, their physiques are of the highest class.

Game AppearancesEdit

Mega Drive / GenesisEdit

[[File:|thumb|x120px|]] [[File:|thumb|x120px|]]

Game Gear AppearancesEdit

Master System AppearancesEdit

Mobile AppearancesEdit

Location Edit

The Blue Island Bar Brawl

Yasha and Onihime facing off against Axel and Blaze in the Blue Island Bar.

Yasha and Onihime are encountered in Stage 2 after the dance club, representing the bosses for the level. They fight in an unoccupied bar that features an aquarium large enough to house a shark. There is a turkey available to each player before the fight begins.

Periodically, bottles of alcohol will shatter against the floor after a set time when a character is slammed against the ground.

Trivia Edit

  • Onihime and Yasha, the bosses of the SOR1 stage 5 and of the last section of the stage 8, use Blaze Fielding's spriteset with a different palette.
  • Onihime and Yasha will mimic each other in sequences, such as performing backflips or jumping spin kicks. Due to their similarities in appearance, high jumps, mimicry, and flexibility, it can be assumed that they are twins who practice gymnastics.
  • While it may appear to be hairdye at first, the twins are actually wearing green bandanas.
  • Yasha appears as a playable character in the fan-made game Shiva and Lisa, seeking revenge against Mr. X who had murdered her sister. Here, she retains her SOR3 appearance, albeit with some changes.
  • The shark in the background of their stage resembles that of a nurse shark.




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