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R. Bear
Sor2 punk rbear
Rocky Bear (Streets of Rage 2)
Japanese Name R. Bear
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Job/Occupation Hoodlum of the Syndicate
Hobbies Unknown
Special Skills Butt attack
Fighting Style Boxing

Rocky Bear is a big fat boxer boss encountered in The Ship level of Streets of Rage 2.

Enemy InformationEdit

Streets of Rage 2Edit

Move ListEdit

  • Punch combo (2 jabs and a straight punch)
  • Dash Strike
  • Grab and headbutt
  • Butt Attack
  • Jumping Uppercut
  • Elbow Jab (only when grabbed from behind)

Names & PalettesEdit

Sprite Name Color Special Info
R. Bear Dark skin, red gloves and trousers, navy-blue with white striped shirt Stage 5 Boss
Bear Jr. Light skin, green gloves and trousers, dark blue with white striped shirt Stage 8 Mid-Boss

Trivia Edit

  • In prototype magazine screenshots, it can be seen that R. Bear's prototype name was "Rocky".

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