Shiva (Streets of Rage 3)
Full Name Shiva
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Race Human
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Job/Occupation Bodyguard of Mr X
Hobbies Unknown
Special Skills Final Crash, Flaming Spin Kick
Fighting Style Koppou

Shiva (シヴァ) first appears at the end of Streets of Rage 2, watching alongside his boss, Mr. X, as the heroes dispatch the last few thugs of the final level before leaping into the fray himself.

Shiva is arguably one of the most ruthless and tactical fighters in the series.

Official biographyEdit

Bare Knuckle II & IIIEdit

Mr. X's aide. Cool-headed and heartless, he never fails at his objective. Master of Koppou.


Streets of Rage 2Edit

In Streets of Rage 2, Shiva assists Mr. X in kidnapping Adam Hunter. In the final level, he attacks the heroes before they fight Mr. X. After both are defeated, Adam is freed.

Streets of Rage 3Edit

Shiva first appears in the game as the first boss and he escapes after being defeated. He is also a secret playable character that can be unlocked if the player holds the B button after defeating him, and holding it until the next level starts. If the player fails to rescue the General/Chief in Stage 6, he is also the final boss. After he is defeated, Zan asks him to reveal the location of Mr. X. The defeated Shiva still refuses to reveal Mr. X's location, causing Zan to promise that he will someday find and destroy Mr. X as the pyrrhic victory is viewed by Mr. X crushing his wine glass. His current status and whereabouts are not revealed when the player succeeds in saving the Chief and find and defeat the real Mr. X, and is considered a loose plothole.


Not much is known about Shiva, other than he will stop at nothing to ensure that Mr. X's plans succeed.One of the bad endings in Streets Of Rage 3 implies that he won't give up even if he is beaten, and is incredibly loyal to Mr. X.

Signature movesEdit

  • Final Crash: Shiva's trademark move, he turns backwards to his enemy in a glimpse of second, followed by a very fast down-headed turn, then projects himself upwards with one leg extended and foot in flames (similarly to the flames in Axel's fist during his Grand Upper move), hitting the target in an uppercut-like motion. In SOR3/BK3, a white shine was added as an special effect to emphasize Shiva's attack power.
  • Flaming Circular Kick: Shiva turns and rapidly pulls off a roundhouse-esque kick in an above-head circular motion, with the attacking foot engulfed in flames due to the extreme speed of the kick. Used as Shiva's primary defensive attack.
  • Handspring Palm Strike: Only used in the third installment, Shiva handsprings off the ground and enters his downward palm attack, clearing almost the entire screen.
  • Rising Kick: Shiva is capable of an incredibly quick jumpkick attack as soon as he flips up off the ground from being knocked down. Used when the player stays too close to a downed Shiva.


  • He is named after Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction.
  • Shiva and Skate are the only two characters in BKIII/SOR3 that can throw Big Ben (Bongo in Japan version) without taking damage.
  • Interestingly enough, he shares the player palette with the other playable characters in Streets of Rage 2, possibly hinting that he was meant to be playable at one point (also hinted at with his largely complete moveset).
  • In Bare Knuckle III, Shiva's palette was green as an enemy, and blue as a playable character. In Streets of Rage 3, the green palette is fully replaced with the blue.
  • Despite having a player portrait, if unlocked in the third installment, it is not used and replaced with a generic question mark portrait.
  • The SOR1 incarnation of Hakuyo may be a prototype/inspiration for Shiva, as they have never been in a game together, plus the fact that the black/red Hakuyo looks very similar to Shiva's design.


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