The Bare Knuckle Original Soundtrack is a video game music album by Yuzo Koshiro, released on September 21, 1991, by Alfa Records. Composition of the album was done using a PC88 SoundBoard II chip with assistance from T.N.


The album has been critically acclaimed as one of the Yuzo Koshiro's best works due to its high quality of sound and composition style, reflective of 90's house music. Yuzo had mentioned he was listening to Western mainstream artists at the time such as Black Box, Soul II Soul, Maxi Priest and Caron Wheeler during the composition of the album. This is reflected in the music, which has numerous tracks that fuse the styles of the respective artists.

Yuzo had previously composed for The Revenge of Shinobi and Misty Blue; both of those games' soundtracks precede Streets of Rage's musical style.


  1. The Street of Rage
  2. Player Select
  3. Fighting in the Street
  4. Attack of the Barbarian
  5. Round Clear
  6. Dilapidated Town
  7. Moon Beach
  8. Keep the Groovin'
  9. Beatnik on the Ship
  10. Stealthy Steps
  11. Violent Breathing
  12. The Last Soul
  13. Big Boss
  14. My Little Baby (Good Ending)
  15. You Became the Bad Guy!
  16. Up & Up
  17. The Super Threc
  18. Name Entry
  19. Game Over
  20. The Street of Rage (Arrange version)
  21. Fighting in the Street (Arrange version)
  22. The Last Soul (Arrange version)
  23. Keep the Groovin' (Arrange version)
  24. You Became the Bad Guy! (Arrange version)

Original Japanese version of the Streets Of Rage soundtrack.

Track guide:

Track 1 = Opening

Track 3 = Round 1

Track 4 = Boss

Track 6-12 = Round 2-8

Track 15 = Bad Ending Tracks 16-18 weren't used in the game.

Track 18 is not actually the official Name Entry music, as that was just the Round Clear music reused in the game.

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