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Victy (Bare Knuckle III)
Full Name Victy
Age Unknown
Height 159cm (5' 3")
Weight 76kg
Job/Occupation Boxing Kangaroo
Hobbies Unknown
Special Skills Unknown
Fighting Style Boxing

Victy (Roo in PAL and US versions) is a boxing kangaroo mini-boss that it became an unlockable playable character in Streets of Rage 3.

Enemy InformationEdit

Methods of UnlockingEdit

  • Method 1: Defeat Danch in Round 2 without killing Victy. As a result, Victy will be set free for the player to select him after continuing.
  • Method 2: At the title screen, hold Up+B on Controller 1 then press Start. His portrait should appear at the character select screen.

Signature MovesEdit

  • Hurricane Kick: Victy spins incredibly fast, extending his leg out and traveling forwards the enemy. Hits multiple times.
  • Vertical Spin: A defensive move, Victy jumps and quickly backflips a few times in air. A multihit move.
  • Headslide: Victy slides toward his enemy on his head. Capable of multiple hits.
  • Kick Barrage: Once behind an enemy, Victy stands on his tail and unleashes a barrage of kicks on his helpless foe.

Names & PalettesEdit

Sprite Name Color Special Info
Victy subboss Victy Light Blue Original Enemy
Victy Roo Blue SOR3\Playable Palette
Victy battle Victy Red Battle Palette

Game AppearancesEdit

Mega Drive / GenesisEdit

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only secret character to have an almost complete moveset, and its own portrait (used when played as) in game.
  • Despite having an almost complete moveset, and perhaps owing to the fact Victy is a kangaroo with boxing gloves, weapons are completely unusable with Victy and are quickly dropped if a pickup is attempted.
  • The enemy Victy has a seperate palette than the playable one, with purple gloves and a lighter blue color hue. Despite this, a third red palette is used in Duel mode, leaving the original Victy palette unplayable.
  • The playable Victy is fairly weaker than the enemy Victy.
  • He uses a lot of the same voice samples as Sammy Hunter.
  • In Streets of Rage 3, Victy jumps much higher than in BKIII.
  • During the development of Bare Knuckle III, his original name was Kan.
  • So far, Victy has the longest surviving portrait, as it is seen in very early beta scans while the other playable characters had vastly different SOR2-inspired portraits.

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